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Bold Flavors of
Latin America

We spent months traveling to Latin America, perfecting our wood-fire cooking techniques, creating our own reposado tequila, and even learning how to salsa dance. Te Deseo is our love letter to the liveliness, mystery, and community that blooms throughout the region.

Featuring bold flavors of Latin American-inspired cocktails and cuisine, your senses will fall in love with Te Deseo. Spanning 14,000 square feet, Te Deseo features a series of unique dining rooms, four bars, and a stunning rooftop overlooking the city. 

As the eighth restaurant in the Harwood District, Te Deseo is an elevated destination with irresistible energy lasting well into the night.


Executive Team

Barbier-Mueller Family

Harwood Hospitality Group

Ty Thaxton
Executive Chef

Cinthia Mullenix
General Manager


Te Deseo
2700 Olive St.
Harwood, Dallas 75201
(214) 646-1314

Catering & Events
(469) 399-5400